Bus trips inside Germany

City Tours Germany is specialized in planning, organizing and executing bus trips inside Germany. For this purpose, we work according to a modular system that allows us to send to each customer in very little time a tailor-made offer for his bus trip in Germany.

Important remark to individual passengers: Please note that we only offer the organization of bus trips to tourist parties already built, for example for company outings, company travels, class outings, etc. If you are looking for a travel agency offering bus trips for individual passengers - where you can book tickets for a bus trip for you and your family - we cannot help you (yet) unfortunately. If this is what you are looking for, please contact a bus travel agency located in your surroundings.

Bus travels for tourist parties

Are you a group that would like to travel together in Germany - from one place in Germany to another place in Germany? Then the team of City Tours Germany would be delighted to help you with the planning, organizing and executing of your motor coach trip in Germany! We can provide you with the following services:

  • Bus rental: we would be delighted to provide you with the buses, minibuses or motor coaches you are looking for. You have the choice between booking one bus for the whole travel or combining transportation with several bus companies - so that you only have a bus at your disposal when you need it and do not have to pay for the time when you do not use it: this solution can prove less expensive. On the other hand, the advantage of booking one vehicule for the entire travel is that it is much more comfortable: for example, you can always leave personnal items in the bus - and you can easily change your programme at the last minute. No matter which option you go for: our City Tours team will take care of all details and make sure that your transportation service is in good hands.
  • Tour representative services: there are many details to take in consideration when planning a bus trip - and unexpected difficulties can always arise. To make sure that your travel takes place smoothly and that you will not be alone in case of an unexpected difficulty, we recommend the booking of a tour representative for your entire bus trip. City Tours can provide you with reliable, efficient tour representatives.
  • Tour guide services: the success of a bus trip depends entirely on the quality of the tour guide services. The team of City Tours knows that - and that's why we make a point of carefully selecting competent and entertaining tour guides for your sightseeing services - guided tours, sightseeing bus tours, sightseeing excursions, etc. We would be delighted to provide you with tour guides in combination with the organization of your bus trip in Germany.

Of course, apart from the bus rental and the tour representative and tour guide services, the team of City Tours Germany can also take care of your accomodation and your restaurant reservations during your bus trip in Germany, provide you with theater and concert tickets or even assume the whole planning and organization of your bus travel in Germany.

How to book a bus trip in Germany

If you want to reserve a bus trip in Germany via City Tours, please send us an email including the following information:

  • Travelling dates: when would you like your bus travel to start? How long should it last? When would you want the bus trip to end?
  • Itinerary: where should your bus trip start? Which places would you like to visit on the way? Where should your bus travel end?
  • Other services needed: what services do you need in relation to your bus trip? The bus rental? A tour representative? A tour guide? Accomodation? Meals? Event tickets? The full organization of your bus trip?
  • Number of passengers: how many passengers should take part in the coach travel?
  • Approximate budget: what approximate budget have you drawn up for your motor coach trip in Germany? Please remember that this information is very important for us if you want us to undertake the entire organization of your bus trip in Germany. The more exact budget you give us, the better and the quicker we can plan the right services for your bus trip - and the quicker we can prepare and send you a travel programme corresponding to your expectations!

Our City Tours Germany team is at your disposal for any further question - we are looking forward to your email at !