Tour representatives from Germany

Contrary to a tour guide, a tour representative is not responsible for giving explanations about the sights you are visiting. His tasks regards the administrative organization of the travel and the accompaniment and assistance of the tourist party. For example, a tour representative is responsible for the communication between the group and their bus driver, for fixing the time and meeting point for departure to a sightseeing tour, controlling the check-in in hotel and placement in restaurants, carrying out payment by cash and assist the travellers in case of problem.

The profession of tour representative is rather unsettled: almost anyone can work as a tour representative without much preparation or experience - and some tour operators take advantage of this situation to hire unexperienced young tour representatives who are working for little money, thus allowing the tour operator to raise his profit margin. City Tours Germany does not agree with such a procedure: we make a point of selecting each of our tour representatives very carefully, training them and preparing them to any problem that may arise during a travel. What's more, each of our tour representative can get in touch anytime with our round-the-clock office in Vienna, Austria - for many things are easier to deal with from an office than from on the way.

When you book a tour representative via City Tours Germany, you enjoy the following advantages:

  • Experiences, correctly trained tour representatives: City Tours refuses to send unexperienced, helpless young people into the unknown with a tourist party; on the contrary, we assign experienced tour representatives with good training who are able to fulfil their tasks in the best possible way and to face any possible problem with confidence.
  • Assistance by our office team: City Tours never lets down any customer: that's why we assist our tour representatives with the entire infrastructure we have at our disposal. In case of any difficulty, each of our tour representatives have the possibility to ask City Tours' central office in Vienna for help. In many cases, this can prove a decisive advantage and make the problem solving much quicker.

How to hire a tour representative

City Tours Germany enables you to book a tour representative's services either for a travel organized by City Tours itself or for a travel you organized. At any rate, you will enjoy the advantages of professional accompaniment and remote assistance by our office team. If you want to hire a tour representative for a travel, please send us a request at , including as many details as possible regarding your travel. We will be glad to provide you with the perfect tour representative in order to assure your travel can take place without problems!