Tour guide service in English

The success of a sightseeing travel depends highly on the quality of the tour guide services: with a good guide you can even forget traffic jams, bad weather and further unpleasant circumstances - whereas even the most luxurious sightseeing programme gets boring if the guide is not interesting. The City Tours Germany team knows it very well - this is why we make a point of carefully choosing only professional, friendly tour guides who are able to offer entertaining guided tours, so that your trip to Germany is sure to be a success.

We personnaly know a large number of high-quality tour guides all around Germany. On one hand we keep expanding our tour guide directory, on the other hand the guides we work with constantly undergo quality check both through our own controlling measures and through customer feedback. This assures you to always get high-quality tour guide services when booking via City Tours, no matter where you need your tour guide service in Germany - and if for a walking tour, a bus tour or a museum visit. City Tours Germany would be delighted to provide you with the appropriate tour guide for your sightseeing service.

How to book tour guides

If you want to book a tour guide for a city walking tour, a museum visit, a bus tour or any other kind of sightseeing tour in Germany, please send us an email including the following information:

  • Date and time: when should your guided tour take place? Please let us know the date and time when you need a guide. Please also tell us how long the tour should last or how long you would need a tour guide.
  • Place of the guided tour: what would you like to visit with your tour guide? A city? A museum? Some destination in an excursion? Please let us know where you would like your tour guide service to take place.
  • Kind of guided tour: what kind of guided tour would you like? Do you need a general tour or a special tour? Should your tour guide possess special skills or knowledge?
  • Number of participants: how many persons will take part in the guided tour? Do you maybe need more than one tour guide - for a larger tourist party?
  • Kind of public: what for a group are you booking for? Is it a school class? A group of students? A company outing? Any other kind of tourist party?
  • Language for the guided tour: do you need a German-speaking tour guide or should your guided tour take place in another language - and then, in which language?

Based on this information, City Tours Germany will be able to choose the right tour guide for your walking tour, bus tour, museum visit or sightseeing tour. When booking your tour guide services with City Tours, you enjoy the following advantages:

  • Time saving for the tour guide research: City Tours' team takes care of checking the availability of various tour guides that might be appropriate for your guided tour, and assumes the booking and payment to the tour guide.
  • Quality check: you do not just book any tour guide, but only tour guides about which the teeam of City Tours does own information regarding the style of their guided tours, their friendliness and liability. We make sure that you are in good hands and that your sightseeing tours will go smoothly - whatever the place you want to visit wherever in Germany.
  • Additional safety measures: it regularly happens that - in spite of successful reservation and order acceptance - tour guides mix up dates or forget an appointment. To avoid such a situation, City Tours always undertakes an important control: we remind each tour guide of the date of their tour - in time and several times. This allows us to reach the unbelievably low annual average of failure rate of 0.15% (against around 3% on the "free market"!). We are very proud of these results - and our customers enjoy it!

The team of City Tours Germany would be delighted to help you find a guide for your guided tour - please send us an email at including as much information as possible (see above) so that we can make you a tailor-made offer as quickly as possible!